Ready for a New Adventure?

Are you a passionate artist who loves to share your skill with others? Are you tire of having unsatisfying jobs? Do you love working with children and helping them reach their potential? Do you love to help your community and make a difference?

If your answer is “yes!” to all these questions, opening an art studio can be right on your alley! I opened Hands on Art, 4 years ago, and still every day, I walk through the doors of my shop feeling a sense of fulfillment and love for my piece of heaven on earth, I am not going to lie, there are moments I feel spread so thing, and others where my heart overflowed through the entrance of the shop!

My name is Iraima, I am a Graphic Artist with 20 years of experience working for clients and in the past 8 years working for my own business, Hands on Art for children. I always had the dream to have a safe place where kids and families could come to have a great time of art and relaxation. I can’t tell how the fulfillment of my dream had built me inside and out, and it had provided me with a great deal of experience. Now after the past 4 years I feel I can now share with you a few shortcuts that will help you to start the business of your dream and make a profit in the first year!

If you are interested in learning more about how an art studio Journey might look, please email me with your contact information at

Iraima ~